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Parker Pratt, Merlin, Ore., sophomore. Flutters into Utah State on the trusted advice of a mentor, thinks civil engineering will be the thing, but — interestingly enough — now favors human movement science, emphasizing pre physical therapy. “Always wanted to, just needed an extra kick.” And then there’s this climbing thing: breezy Saturday mornings in Logan Canyon, sling-shot right out of his zone, literal life-on-the-line with all-the-edginess-you-can-handle kind of deal. Climbing: something that — for the first time — Parker Pratt can’t be naturally amazing at. “It challenges me in a way I’m not used to. It challenges me in every way,” he says. And he likes that. He likes, too, that it’s a sociable, community thing, like his job at the Taggart Student Center’s Quickstop. And he likes that there exists the possibility of … falling? “I don’t want to, but just the fact that I might, creates this focus, this concentration, this dedication,” he says. “It’s become something of a reward system; I tell myself I have to get things done before I can go climb.” He started seriously only this summer, but at Utah State University, Parker Pratt climbs.
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