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It's all adding up

Nothing has been, or ever will be, the same since July 1, 2003, when The Campaign for Utah State University officially began. The days since have been humbling, extraordinary, energy-packed, buzzing, challenging, euphoric and generally flat-out amazing. So, as we prepare for the cap-off event in October, take a minute to try to wrap your head around these numbers, which offer only a glimpse of what has really happened. More to come, soon


190 New scholarships poised to power dreams into action.



103 Exceptional, inspiring, humbling and astounding age of our oldest donor.


29,752 $25 gifts. That’s $743,800 and that’s jaw-droppingly powerful.


4 Colleges forever transformed by soul-humbling, generations-altering, knee-bending, breath-taking, we’ll-never-feel-like-we’re-done-with-the-thank-you-making naming gifts.


234 New endowments established, including: 5 Chairs, 7 Fellowships, $28.4 million to scholarship endowments alone, 3 Professorships.


24 New buildings dotting the USU landscape. (More new windows of opportunity than even those superheroes can leap).


53,785 Alumni, friends and superheroes reaching beyond themselves to make a gift. Wow!


34 inches Length of the giant scissors used during many of the ribbon cuttings throughout the campaign. And yes, they’ve had need to be sharpened, and go ahead, imagine that phone call.


12th The Friday in October set aside to celebrate the campaign’s profound transformation on Utah State University — possible only because Aggie friends and superheroes have proven once again they can always be counted on.
Get ready.


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190 New scholarships poised to power dreams into action.